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Individual Retirement Accounts
Christmas & Vacation Clubs
Kid's Club
Share Certificates
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Share Products
Share/Savings Accounts
Thirty dollars is all it takes to open a share account at the Credit Union. You will earn dividends on any balance $300.00 and over. Dividends are payable quarterly. Start payroll deduction today to begin building your nest egg for tomorrow.
Individual Retirement Accounts
The minimum required deposit to open an IRA is only $500.00. We have many different IRA accounts to choose from, along with several investment options; all designed to fit your individual needs. Payroll deduction is also available.
Christmas Club  
Start a Christmas Club anytime during the year, and receive your check the first week of October. Only five dollars is necessary to open this account. Payroll deduction adds up in a hurry to help make your Christmas a little "merrier".
Vacation Club  
Five dollars is all it takes to open a vacation club and begin saving for your dream destination. Your vacation money is available to you anytime you need to "get away". Dividends are paid with a balance of $300 or more.
Kid's Club
The Credit Union offers two clubs designed to help your youngster learn saving money is fun. Kid's Clubs accounts are designed for children 12 and under. Teen's Rule club appeals to children ages 13 to 18. We offer special contests and promotions throughout the year for our youngsters. Payroll deduction from a parent's account is available to begin building your child's savings. Your child begins earning dividends with a balance of $100 or more.
Share Certificates
Share Certificates are available at the Credit Union with varying lengths of maturity. Visit our Rates Page for rates and terms.  
Loan Products  
New and Used Vehicle Loans  
New and used vehicle loans are available at the Credit Union at rates that are always competitive. We will meet or beat any competitor's offer within reason. Visit our Rates Page for rates and terms or call us for details.

The Credit Union finances the retail value on the used vehicle. Call the Credit Union for an exact amount.
Motorcycles, Boats, Campers & Trailers Loans  
We offer loans for all types of recreational vehicles. Visit our Rates Page for rates and terms or call us when you are shopping for a loan.  
Share Secured Loans  
If you offer your shares as security for a loan at the Credit Union, you will find rates that can't be beat. Check out our great rates!  
Secured, Non-Titled Loans  
The name of this loan doesn't do justice to what a great deal it is. We finance anything from swimming pools to computers to fences to hot tubs. You name it, and we can find a way to finance it for you. Click here for rates.  
Line of Credit Loans
Apply for our line of credit loan today and have money available whenever you need it. When an unexpected expense arrives, just call the Credit Union and let us know how much money you need. We'll have it ready for you that same day. Apply online today! Click here for rates.
Home Equity Loans  
Depending on your circumstances, this loan can sometimes be your best bet. We offer a wide range of home equity loans designed to fit your individual needs. We offer home equity loans with fixed or variable rates, as well as a line of credit. Call us to find a loan that works best for you.  
  Visa Card  
Convenience and low rates are the keys to carrying the Credit Union's Visa card. Payments can be made by mail, at our office, or through payroll deduction or online. Cash advances make credit union funds accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  
  Sallie Mae Smart Options Student Loans  
When scholarships, federal loans and financial aid don't cover all your expenses, the Smart Option Loan can make up the rest.